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JAL NEWS - Fuel Surcharge (YQ) Pricing problem on itineraries from TC1 (Update)

Dear JAL Valued Travel Partners:

--------------------------------------The following items are now fixed. [Including Item 3]--------------------------------------

Effective on/after April 1, 2011, GDS systems are incorrectly auto-pricing our Fuel Surcharge (YQ) when the itinerary meets following conditions.
(Please click here for Fuel Surcharge information)

[Collection of Fuel Surcharge for segments within Asia not required for itineraries originating in Area 1 and sold in the USA, Canada, Mexico and Brazil.]
1) From Area 1 to India and Australia.
2) From Hawaii to beyond Japan.
3) Origin Open Jaw itineraries to beyond Japan.

[Collection of Fuel Surcharge not required for the itineraries originating in Brazil.]
1) Originating in Brazil to Asia, including Japan.

If the ticket was issued with an incorrect Fuel Surcharge amount, please reissue the ticket to correct the Fuel Surcharge and refund the balance accordingly. If you need help to determine the correct Fuel Surcharge amount, please queue your PNR to JALfs Rate Desk.
We apologize for any inconvenience.

April 08, 2011

Japan Airlines

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