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Mar 12, 2015 Japan Airlines and TAM Airlines Announce Codeshare Agreement    
Mar 06, 2015 Request to passengers flying Russia, Europe, U.S.A. and Canada route flights
Mar 06, 2015 JAL Introduces New Spring Menu in Your Exclusive Restaurant in the Sky  
Mar 06, 2015 JAL SKY Wi-Fi Service Onboard Its Boeing 767-300ERs and Boeing 787-8s to Be Expanded onto More International Routes
Feb 23, 2015 Termination of Prepaid Ticket Advice [UPDATED]
Feb 06, 2015 JAL Announces International Fare Fuel Surcharge for Tickets Issued between April and May 2015 
Feb 03, 2015 JAL Provides Its Inbound Customers With BIC CAMERA Coupon On The Airline's Overseas Website  
Jan 27, 2015 JAL Awarded the Best On-time Performance Service in the Asia-Pacific Major Airlines Category
Jan 21, 2015 JAL SKY SUITE 787 Service To Include New Boeing 787-9 International Service
Jan 21, 2015 JAL Group Announces Flight Frequency and Fleet Plans for FY2015
Jan 21, 2015 Establishment of FY15 Japan Domestic Fares 
Jan 08, 2015 Notice for Customers Traveling to the Philippines between 1/15-1/19
Dec 19, 2014 Japan Airlines Changes Revenue Management System to PROS O&D   
Dec 16, 2014 Winter Travel Reminder - Flight Schedule Changes  
Dec 09, 2014 JAL Announces International Fare Fuel Surcharge for Tickets Issued between February and March 2015   
Dec 09, 2014 JAL And Wi2 Provide Overseas Travelers to Japan With Free Wi-Fi Access Throughout The Country   
Dec 04, 2014 JAL Launches JAL SKY SUITE 787 Service Between Tokyo (Narita) and Frankfurt   
Nov 25, 2014 JAL and SriLankan Airlines Launch Codeshare Cooperation  
Nov 21, 2014 JAL To Introduce Fully Revamped 767-300ERs On Its Haneda=Itami Route Starting December 8, 2014  
Nov 17, 2014 Japan Airlines to Introduce New Winter Menu in JAL's Exclusive Restaurant in the Sky   
Nov 14, 2014 Beaujolais Nouveau Time with JAL on November 20, 2014    
Oct 24, 2014 Hokkaido Air System to Become Subsidiary of Japan Airlines   
Oct 17, 2014 Japan Airlines and American Airlines to Further Expand Codeshare on Brazil Routes   
Oct 08, 2014 JAL Announces International Fare Fuel Surcharge for Tickets Issued between December 2014 and January 2015  
Oct 08, 2014 JAL Launches New Convenient Mobile Site in Twelve Languages  for Overseas Customers 
Oct 08, 2014 JAL Releases Japan Travel Information "Guide to Japan" in Chinese  
Oct 03, 2014 JAL Introduces New Amenity kits in Its International Business Class 
Oct 01, 2014 JAL SKY NEXT Wins "GOOD DESIGN Best 100" and New Seat for Domestic Economy Class and Renewal Sakura Lounge Receive GOOD DESIGN AWARDS 2014  
Sep 05, 2014 JAL SKY SUITE 787 Debut with New Cabin Interior  
Sep 05, 2014 JAL Group Revises International Network, Flight Frequency and Fleet Plans for FY2014  
Aug 29, 2014 JAL and Saison Support Japan National Football Team to Challenge Higher Goal  
Aug 29, 2014 JAL Opens Revamped First Class Lounge at Haneda Airport International Terminal  
Aug 28, 2014 JAL Announces New Order for Embraer 190 and Additional Order for Embraer 170  
Aug 28, 2014 JAL decides to introduce MRJ as next-generation regional jet  
Aug 28, 2014 Japan Airlines Introduce Select Autumn Menu in JAL's Exclusive Restaurant in the Sky  
Aug 28, 2014 Japan Airlines Introduces JAL Mileage Bank Campaign for "JAL SKY Wi-Fi"  
Aug 21, 2014 Japan Airlines Introduces Autumn Menu in JAL KITCHEN GALLERY  
Aug 20, 2014 JAL Group Revises Domestic Flight Frequency Plans for FY2014  
Aug 19, 2014 Handling of Infants Traveling with Expectant Mothers within 4 weeks (28 days) of the Due Date  
Aug 19, 2014 JAL Announces International Fare Fuel Surcharge for Tickets Issued between October and November 2014  
Aug 14, 2014 JAL to Enrich the Booking Services of Hotels and Cars on Its Overseas Website
Jul 31, 2014 JAL and Amadeus sign for Altea as part of the airline's Passenger Service System transformation programme  
Jul 24, 2014 JAL Revises Flight Schedules on its Boston, San Francisco and Ho Chi Minh City Routes for the Second Half of FY2014 
Jul 14, 2014 JAL and NRI Start Demonstration Test of iBeacon and Smartwatch for Advancing Airport Passenger Service 
Jul 08, 2014 Avoid LAX "Century Crunch" traffic July 25-28 by taking public transit 
Jul 08, 2014 JAL Uses Twitter to Deliver Its Flight Information 
Jun 30, 2014 JAL Introduces "JAL SKY Wi-Fi" on Select Domestic routes from July 23, 2014
Jun 26, 2014 JAL Introduces two New In-flight Beverages during Summer 
Jun 16, 2014 JAL and NTT East to Welcome Tourists Visiting Japan with FREE Wi-Fi Service
Jun 12, 2014 JAL Further Expands its Europe Network with New Codeshare Flights 
Jun 12, 2014 JAL Announces International Fare Fuel Surcharge for Tickets Issued between August and September 2014 
Jun 09, 2014 JAL and Qatar Airways to Further Expand Codeshare Cooperation 
Jun 09, 2014 JAL Supports Rising Local Athletes to Embrace New Challenges 
Jun 06, 2014 JAL to Launch Hokkaido Campaign to Introduce Exclusive Offers to Worldwide Customers 
May 22, 2014 Popular[AIR KUMAMON]with New Package onboard JAL International Flights 
May 22, 2014 Introduction of Electronic Miscellaneous Document Stand-Alone(EMD-S) Issuance by Sabre, Abacus and INFINI 
May 07, 2014 JAL Expands Codeshare Flights between Japan and Oceania  
May 01, 2014 JAL Extends Multilingual Contents of In-flight Service on Overseas Homepage 
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