Refund Policy for Travel Agents in US/CA

Refund Application

  • Refer to rule of the fare used and/or JAL ticketing instruction.

For Refund Calculation Inquiries for Partially Used Tickets (JAL Fare Desk Queue)

  • Sabre - QP/QJL10/4
  • Apollo - QEP/QCQ/10
  • Worldspan - QEP/JL0/20*C1
  • Amadeus - QE/LAXJL02A0/40C7

Illness or Death (Passenger or travel companion)

  • Fares originating in Area 1:
    - Postponement of the travel without penalty may be granted.
    - Refund restriction/charge/penalty may be waived with certificate.
    - If granted a waiver by JAL, clearly indicate REFUND WITH DEATH/MEDICAL CERTIFICATE.
  • Fares originating outside of Area 1:
    - Refer to the rule of the fare used for the provision for illness/death.

Processing Refund

  • Process refund on ARC/BSP within 1 year and 30 days of original issue.
  • Refund request made after the deadline will not be honored.
  • Deduct applicable penalty from the refundable amount.
  • Retain the JAL waivers and/or medical/death certificate for record

Involuntary Refund Due to Irregularity

  • When refund is due to flight irregularity, JAL may waive refund restriction/ penalty, depending on the circumstance. Retain the special waiver code for record.

Refund of Lost Ticket

  • Fill out Refund of Lost Ticket Form and submit it to JAL Refund Desk.
  • If refund is granted, JAL will charge USD90/CAD110 service fee.
  • There is a 4 month waiting period to verify the non-usage of the lost ticket.

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