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Japan Airlines Refund Policy For travel agents in USA/Canada


Refund Handling Fee (RHF)

*For refund requests made on/after 01APR11:

The RHF will be abolished for JL (131) tickets/MCO/vMPD.
Note, there will be no change to government imposed refund charges, Lost Ticket Refund Charge, Lost Ticket Replacement Charge or Cancellation Charges regulated by each tariff rule.

*For refund requests made on/before 31MAR11:

When there is no refund penalty applicable per fare rule, RHF of USD9/ CAD11 (CHD no discount, INF free) must be deducted from the refundable amount for all JAL (131) tickets including normal fares.
Not applicable if refund penalty applies per rule of the fare used or JAL ticketing instruction.
Not applicable for refund of taxes/fees not involving fare refund.
[RHF Applicability]
 -Fares originating in Area 1 Refer to the fare rule of the fare used and/or ticketing instruction given by JAL.
 -Fares originating outside of Area 1 Refer to JALfs general rule, rule of the fare used and/or JAL ticketing instruction.

Refund Application

Refer to rule of the fare used and/or JAL ticketing instruction.
For most fares, partially used tickets are non-refundable.
Flights must be canceled before departure.
If No Show, ticket loses its value.

If there is any inquiry for refund calculations for partially used tickets, please Queue to Japan Airlines Fare Desk.
Sabre QP/QJL10/4
Apollo QEP/QCQ/10
Worldspan QEP/JL0/20*C1
Amadeus QE/NYCJL1101/5

Illness or Death (Passenger, travel companion, member of immediate family)

Fares originating in Area 1:
 -Postponement of the travel without penalty may be granted.
 -Refund restriction/charge/penalty may be waived with certificate.
 -If granted a waiver by JAL, clearly indicate REFUND WITH DEATH/MEDICAL CERTIFICATE.
Fares originating outside of Area 1
 -Refer to the rule of the fare used for the provision for illness/death.

Processing Refund

Process refund on ARC/BSP within 1 year and 30 days of original issue.
Refund request made after the deadline will not be honored.
Deduct applicable penalty from the refundable amount.
Retain the JAL waivers and/or medical/death certificate for record.

Involuntary Refund Due to Irregularity

When refund is due to flight irregularity, JAL may waive refund restriction/ penalty, depending on the circumstance.
Retain the special waiver code for record.

Refund of Lost Ticket

Fill out Refund of Lost Ticket Form and submit it to JAL Refund Desk.
If refund is granted, JAL will charge USD90/CAD110 service fee.
There is a 4 month waiting period to verify the non-usage of the lost ticket.

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