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U.S. Secure Flight For travel agents in USA/Canada

Transportation Security Administration (hereinafter gTSAh) has announced the introduction of the Secure Flight Program (hereinafter gProgramh). The purpose of the Program is to increase security of commercial aircraft flying in and out of the U.S. TSA will verify passenger information in an airlinefs reservation system with TSAfs federal governmentfs Watch List. As a result of the introduction of the Program, TSA requires airlines to gather passenger information called Secure Flight Passenger Data (SFPD) from the customer at least 72hours in advance of flight departure. Passengers will not be allowed to board the flight without SFPD.

With the change of procedure for TSA, it is now required to send SFPD to specific routes between Japan and Canada over-flight on U.S.
All passengers with itineraries including international sectors to and from Canada (Vancouver, Montreal, and Toronto) for reservations made from November 11, 2013 for flights boarding on/after January 15, 2014, SFPD needs to be obtained and registered when making new bookings

Secure Flight Final Rule Update

SFPD (We will gather below information at reservation)

1. Full name (same as name registered in passport)
2. Date of birth (Western calendar)
3. Gender
4. Redress Number (applicable persons only) (*)
 (*)A specific code issued by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to help prevent being misidentified on the TSA Watch List. For those who may be subject to this process are invited to apply for Redress.

GDS Entries of Secure Flight Information

SSR DOCS: Date of birth/Gender/Full NameiLast name/First name/Middle name)
SSR DOCO: Redress Number
Certain GDS may have other mandatory fields (i.e. passport number, expiry date, etc).
Contact your GDS Service Provider for further information.

Please be reminded, Secure Flight is a mandatory government program that requires 100 percent compliance from everyone involved in making a flight reservation.

*For more information about the Secure Flight Program, please visit

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