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JAL NEWS - System problem (Calculation of Fuel surcharge)

Dear JAL Valued Travel Partners:

Please be informed that a system error has been identified, where the JL fuel surcharge is quoted incorrectly in certain cases.
An incorrect YQ amount is being applied only when backdating the below fares for the purpose of reissue or refund.
Please apply the correct amounts in such cases as outlined below. Correct YQ amounts were applied for tickets newly issued during the below period.

 1)Period of Ticket Issue:
    9th June 2011 to 24th July 2011 ( when calculating on/after 25th July)
 2)Period of travels
    Departure on/after 1st August 2011
 3)Affected Route
    a) From Japan to Hawaii / Indonesia / India
    b) From Indonesia to TC1 (except Hawaii)
    c) From TC1 (except Hawaii / Canada to Korea / China / Taiwan / Hong Kong / Guam / Philippines / Vietnam /
       Thailand / Singapore / Malaysia / Indonesia / Palau)

   GDS do not quote the correct amounts or currency

 3.Correct YQ amounts (per one way)
   a) From Japan to Hawaii / Indonesia / India
   b) From Indonesia to TC1 (except Hawaii)
   c) From TC1 (except Hawaii / Canada) to Asian countries

We apologize for any inconvenience caused and greatly appreciate your patience and understanding.

August 02, 2011

Japan Airlines

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