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Authorization System Enhancement of JAL Family Club/Premio Credit Card and JAL USA CARD

Dear JAL Valued Travel Partners:

Some irregularities have been reported where payments made with JAL USA CARD or JAL Family Club/ Premio credit cards were rejected due to insufficient credit balance when credit should have been available. Our investigation found that this was due to duplicated authorization requests sometimes left pending on the credit card account even after the actual spending transaction was posted, which resulted in unexpected deductions to the credit balance.

The credit card issuer will enhance its transaction monitoring accuracy so that such inconveniences will not happen again. This will require programming within its authorization system, and is expected to be completed in late February, 2011.

During the interim period until this system upgrade, the merchant can report any preauthorized issues to the credit issuer, and discrepancies will be corrected as early as possible. Please contact card member services at 1-888-312-0641 for assistance. If you need assistance with Japanese, please call 1-800-322-6260. These numbers are special lines to handle incoming calls from merchants. Therefore, please do not give this number to cardholders.

We greatly appreciate your understanding.

December 30, 2010

Japan Airlines

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