Rate Requests to Japan Airlines for Travel Agents in US/CA

Guidelines for Rate Requests

  • JL Rate Desk accepts rate requests for JL published fares. JL must be the transpacific carrier or holding at least 50 percent of a non-transpacific itinerary. Ticket must be validated on JL (131)

Where to Queue Your Rate Request

  • Sabre - QP/QJL10/4
  • Apollo - QEP/QCQ/10
  • Worldspan - QEP/JL0/20*C1
  • Amadeus - QE/LAXJL02A0/40C7

Required Information

  • Complete routing including surface sectors if different from the booking
  • For open sectors
    - Specify carriers and classes of service
    - Indicate stopovers or connections for each point
    - Intended length of stay
  • Note which segments need to be fared if the entire itinerary does not need to be priced
  • For duplicate flights, indicate which should be included in the fare
  • Intended ticketing date
  • Ages of children and/or infants, if applicable
  • Use the remarks field for questions or special requests

Rate Desk Handling

  • JL Rate Desk will acknowledge receipt of your rate request in the remarks field of the PNR.
  • Rates will be advised in the remarks field of the PNR or, if requested, in the ticketing field of the PNR.
  • Requests will be processed according to departure date, date the request was received and/or ticketing time limits.
  • Some rates may take longer to process due to the volume of requests.

JAL Rate Desk Hours

  • 09:00-17:00 Pacific Time Monday - Friday
  • Closed Saturday/Sunday/US Holidays*

  • * Refer to U.S. JAL Holiday Observance

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