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Rate Requests to Japan Airlines For travel agents in USA/Canada

Fares and rules are subject to change without notice


Guidelines for Rate Requests

JL Rate Desk accepts rate requests for JL published fares.
JL must be the transpacific carrier or holding at least 50 percent of a non-transpacific itinerary.
Ticket must be validated on JL (131)

Where to Queue Your Rate Request

Sabre QP/QJL10/4
Apollo QEP/QCQ/10
Worldspan QEP/JL0/20*C1
Amadeus QE/NYCJL1101/5

Required Information

Complete routing including surface sectors if different from the booking
For open sectors
 -Specify carriers and classes of service
 -Indicate stopovers or connections for each point
 -Intended length of stay
Note which segments need to be fared if the entire itinerary does not need to be priced
For duplicate flights, indicate which should be included in the fare
Intended ticketing date.
Ages of children and/or infants, if applicable
Use the remarks field for questions or special requests

Rate Desk Handling

JL Rate Desk will acknowledge receipt of your rate request in the remarks field of the PNR.
Rates will be advised in the remarks field of the PNR or, if requested, in the ticketing field of the PNR.
Requests will be processed according to departure date, date the request was received and/or ticketing time limits.
Some rates may take longer to process due to the volume of requests.

JL Rate Desk hours:
 -Monday - Friday 09:00-17:00 Pacific Time
 -Saturday/Sunday/ US Holidays* Closed

* Refer to U.S. JAL Holiday Observance

Revised on Jan 19, 2012 - deleted JO info / added "US JAL Holiday Observance" link

Created on Sep 08, 2010

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