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Japan Airlines Passenger Handling For travel agents in USA/Canada

Effective June 1, 2010, Japan Airlines Group Companies (JL) will penalize bookings and tickets processed by the agents in the USA and Canada when not in compliance with the policies, rules, conditions and guidelines of JAL as well as ARC/BSP/IATA and respective government authorities. Other charges not listed here may also be assessed by JAL for recovery of administrative costs and/or revenue loss sustained by the carrier. Furthermore, abusive practices, in certain cases, may lead to loss of reservation and/or ticketing capability of JAL flights by the agencies involved. Refer to ADM – Fees and Penalties page for details.


Full Names in the Name Field

 Only required that FULL NAME - which is "the full Last name and the full First name" only as it appears on the government issued ID

 that the passenger will use while traveling. The middle name or initial is not  required in the name Field of the PNR.

Travel Documents

 Verify the requirements for the countries involved.

Local Contacts

 Provide JAL with local phone (home, office, cell, destination, stopping points) and/or email
 Follow the GDS entry format

Secure Flight Information

 Refer to US Secure Flight page for details

Minors (11 and under)

 Check if the fare allows CHD/INF/UMNR
 Maximum of 3 minors accepted per adult
 CHD: From 2 to 11 or infant under 2 occupying a seat, accompanied by an adult fare passenger
 UMNR: From 5 to 11 traveling without an adult fare passenger, subject to JAL authorization
 INF: Under 2 (at least 8 days) not occupying seat, accompanied by an adult fare passenger
 -Maximum of two infants per adult accepted
 -Maximum of one INF discount per adult allowed
 -Refer to JAL Web Site Page

Special In-flight Meals

 Refer to JAL Web Site Page

Special Assist

 Refer to JAL Priority Guest Support page for details

Firming Requests from JAL

 Promptly ticket, or remove unwanted sectors

PNR Follow Up

 Monitor GDS queue and take appropriate action
 Refer to Involuntary Change page if necessary
 Remove the unwanted sectors (active/passive) by 24 hours before departure.

Issue Ticket

 Observe TLC per fare rule or JAL SSR, whichever is earlier
 Accurately input tour codes, endorsement box, conjunction/ original ticket, etc. as applicable
 Apply all necessary taxes, fees and surcharges
 Do not circumvent fare/ticketing rules manually

ET itinerary/receipt

 Provide ET itinerary/receipt (for each reissue) to the passenger
 Passenger may need to present it to carriers/governments

Fare Rule and Condition of Carriage

 Provide passenger with the fare rules/conditions and the condition of carriage including baggage allowances

Sales Report

 BSP/ARC Sales report must be processed in a timely manner
 Settling credit card charge back is issuing agentfs responsibility

Voluntary Change

 Check for restriction/fee rule of the fare used
 If applicable, reissue accordingly

Involuntary Change (flight or weather Irregularities )

 Refer to Flight Irregularity Handling page

Illness or Death

 Restriction/penalty may be waived for illness/death of passenger, travel companion or immediate family with appropriate certificate
 Retain the records of special waivers obtained from JAL


 Settle/dispute through ARC Memo Manager/BSP-Link within 30 days to avoid further penalties

Lost Ticket

 New replacement ticket must be purchased
 Refer to JAL Refund page

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