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Japan Airlines Travel Agency Commissions For travel agents in USA/Canada

Travel documents issued in USA/Canada


1. Applicable to IATA/ARC approved travel agents in the USA (including US territories) and Canada.

2. All international and Japan domestic tickets issued on JAL (131)

3. MCO issuance for Japan Rail Passes
(USA only as Canadian agencies can no longer issue MCO's. VMPD not permissable for Japan Rail Pass)

JR Rail Pass: 5%
JR West Rail Pass 5%
JR Hokkaido Rail Pass 5%
JR Kyushu Rail Pass 8%

Takayama-Hokuriku Area Tourist Pass 5%

Ise-Kumano-Wakayama Area Tourist Pass 5%

Hokuriku Arch Pass 5%

South Hokkaido Rail Pass 5%

Alpine, Takayama, Matsumoto Area Tourist Pass 5%

Shikoku Rail Pass 5%

Setouchi Area Pass 5%

Mt. Fuji-Shizuoka Area Tourist Pass 5%

Sanyo-San'in Northern Kyushu Area Pass 8%
* JR East Rail Pass is not sellable on JL (131)

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